I’ve created a new YouTube account, and I’ve uploaded a new video. Here it is:


Old Songs

I’ve decided to delete my older songs from thesixtyone. I’m really rather fond of them as tunes, but as recordings they kind of suck. Well, there’s no ‘kind of’ about it, let’s face it.

I hope nobody is too offended by my heart-stealing antics (they shouldn’t be, almost nobody has hearted any of them in the last 6 months) and if anyone misses them terribly they can find them at



Preview of Tune Without a Name

Here’s a preview of the tune I will be uploading on Monday. I’ve actually changed it slightly since I uploaded, and may change it again.

As mentioned earlier, I wrote the bones of this a few months ago, unlike most tunes I write which I pretty much write as I’m recording them; maybe that’s why I can’t settle on a mix. Whatever… enjoy!

New album out soon!

New album out soon!

Well… fairly soon. Visit my new blog for details.

My Faithful Twin ‘hits the homepage’

My faithful Twin ‘hit the homepage’ on the sixtyone in the wee small hours of this morning. It’s currently riding high on page 4 of ‘hot right now’, which, I suppose, makes it ‘warm right now’, which, I suppose, is something.

New tune to be released on the 19th of October

Well, I’ve finished recording the slow tempo affair that I mentioned previously, and my God, is it slow…

I will be releasing it on the 19th of October, which gives me just over a week to think of a title that isn’t terrible, so wish me luck…

Dave on YouTube

If you’re reading this you might be interested to know that Dave has a YouTube channel which features some videos of Dave. Dave can’t, for the life of him, imagine why you would be particularly interested, but he accepts that it is more likely than if you weren’t reading this.

Anyway, this is both a link, and a URL: