Dave Green has played in several bands over the years, most notably Colours Run, who were hotly tipped for the big time by a number of people who, unfortunately for Dave and the rest of the band, turned out to be misguided.

Dave describes the music he records as ‘stuff that I wanted to do at the time’, since he has little interest in pigeonholing himself or anyone else – ‘that stuff’s best left to the marketing people’, he would often say (often to the bemusement of those around him).

Everything featured on this page was written, performed, produced etc. by Dave, unless otherwise stated. Generally speaking, he’s a pretty talented guy…

Oh, and one more thing: Dave also records music without guitars in but, for reasons which will remain unclear, he releases them under the name ‘Ekho’.

OK, maybe that should have been two more things. Dave would finally like to thank the good people on the sixtyone who have added to the enjoyment he gains from making music by letting him know, by various means, that they actually enjoy listening to it. He would also like to apologise for talking about himself in the third person all the damn time – it must be very annoying.




One Response

  1. My company is hosting an event for a small upcoming brand on October 8th 2010. The event is comprised of a number of speeches and we require a musician preferably a solo guitarist to play during the intervals as well as signal the speaker that their time limit is up. We are looking for someone who has character and if the occasion calls for it, be able to make a joke and/or connect with the audience in some way.
    We are looking for a relaxed and mellow sound (Think Jack Johnson or Cold Play) There will be 450 attending the event. It will commence at 6pm and will last for 4 hours. The general feel of the evening is very natural, homely and relaxed and we expect the music to reflect this mood too.

    If you are able to provide me with the above requirements, and you are based in Manchester, please could you give me a quote preferably by the end of today.

    Kind Regards
    Laura Thomas

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