My Faithful Twin ‘hits the homepage’

My faithful Twin ‘hit the homepage’ on the sixtyone in the wee small hours of this morning. It’s currently riding high on page 4 of ‘hot right now’, which, I suppose, makes it ‘warm right now’, which, I suppose, is something.


New tune: My Faithful Twin

A new tune has appeared on thesixtyone, thanks to the miracle of modern technology, and with more than a little assistance from me.

The name ‘My Faithful Twin’ is a reference to… well, if anyone can figure out what it’s a reference to I’ll buy them a drink, if I ever see them, assuming I recognise you, and have the funds on me, and haven’t forgotten all about it. Truth is, I couldn’t bring myself to give it a ‘reggae title’, whatever that would be. It doesn’t seem appropriate for a Manchester born Caucasian such as myself…

I’d like to point out, so we’re under no illusions, that the first half of the solo is, possibly, not what it seems. The ‘Allan Holdsworth’ effect is really an illusion. I don’t want to spoil the magic for those who haven’t already guessed how it’s done, but suffice to say it’s more of a novel production technique, rather than lightning fretwork. That said, the second half opens with a, quite frankly, insane triplet demisemiquaver run that was all me… 😉